Interesting sites to visit 

  • Salammbo Tophet Archaeological Museum

1 km

  • Carthage Byrsa

2,1 km

  • Carthage National Museum

2,3 km

  • The Acropolium Saint Louis Cathedral

2,3 km

  • Amphitheater of Carthage

2,9 km

  • Baron d'Erlanger Palace Sidi Bou Said

4,7 km

  • Sidi Bou Said Harbour

4,7 km

  • Parc de Sidi Bou Saïd

4,8 km

  • Monoprix Supermarché

0,6 km

  • Du kram Marché

0,6 km

  • De tunis Lac

4 km

  • Aéroport international de Tunis-Carthage

9,2 km

Avenue Habib Bourguiba

12,4 km

  • Théâtre municipal de Tunis

12,9 km

  • Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul

13 km

  • Parc du Belvédère

13,2 km

  • Bab El Bhar - Porte de France

13,3 km

  • Médina

13,8 km


Toutes les distances sont calculées à vol d'oiseau. Les distances de trajet réelles peuvent varier.

Usefull links

Restaurants cafés lounges around us

less than 5 minutes walk

  • the wave lounge bar tapas (alcohol) 200 meters beach front (like young people noisy smoky lound but fun)

  • the view restaurant French Tunisian cuisine (alcohol) 200 meters beach front (good food)

  • le 24 pizzeria (no alcohol) 300 meters quick and easy Tunisian style pizza (correct)

  • la cabane restaurant French Tunisian cuisine (alcohol) 350 meters (correct)

  • l'oasie restaurant Tunisian cuisine (alcohol) 500 meters (correct)

  • vagabondo restaurant pizza Tunisian style quick food (no alcohol) 400 meters (acceptable)

  • buon gusto Tunisian style sandwiches (no alcohol) fastfood 400 meters (acceptable)

  • la vague beach café on the north beach side walk (no alcohol) 400 meters nice view

less than 10 minutes walk

  • l'oiseau bleu Tunisian restaurant sea food and more front sea (alcohol) 800 meters (nice spot)

  • punic art French Tunisian cuisine front sea (alcohol) 1200 meters (nice view good food)

for good walkers

  • LA GOULETTE with all the fresh sea food restaurant on Franklin Roosevelt street 

we recommand 

  • le café vert

  • spigola

  • la bohème

  • le voilier

  • la mer....


from the house

TGM train to sibi bou said and la marsa heading north 1 dinar 

same heading south to tunis down town MARINA STATION TERMINUS

taxi to sidi bou said is around 5 dinars  day time

taxi to airport should cost around 20 dinars day time

taxi to down town 15 dinars or less

to go to other cities you have to go to down town bus stations

or main train station

taxis are busy betwen 7am and 9am and 4pm to 6pm they are hard

to catch. ask us but consider 1 hour prior to your need at least

don't use the BOLT application at those hours they are all

taxis and won't come to pick you

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Archeological sites to visit nearby